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  • 1. That the object to be rented is your property / That you have a written permission from the owner and / or landlord to rent the object;
    2. Act with the permission of all municipal and other competent authorities, the Mortgage Bank and the Association of Owners;
    3. The object to be rented at the start of the lease will be free from defects within the meaning of the law.
  • Unless it concerns a monument, the handing over of an energy label / energy index is required by law.
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  • Marketing, rates and other conditions

  • Marketing 1. The Client agrees that The Brick Club will notify the assignment, possibly with photos, drawings, etc., to colleagues and third parties and that this information will be included on various internet pages, property files, in guides and other overviews.

    2. The client agrees that the home is registered and displayed on:,, and other relevant website. The Brick Club points out that listings cannot be posted online twice on Pararius and Funda. It is therefore not possible for the client to also issue the order for registration on Pararius and Funda to other offices.

    The client agrees that The Brick Club deducts € 89,- incl. 21% VAT from the monthly rent during the occupancy of the tenant. During the vacancy of the listed object the monthly charges are reduced to € 12,10 incl 21% VAT. This will be deducted from the first months rent at the start of a new rental agreement.

    Exclusion of liability:
    1. The Brick Club is not liable for possible damage that follows from the provisions included or to be included in the rental agreement, which are null and void or can be destroyed by the tenant on the basis of (semi) mandatory (rental) right.

    2. The rental price and the advances for goods and services to be supplied are stated by the client to The Brick Club. The Brick Club is not responsible for the amounts stated by the client and is not liable to the client if and in sofar as these amounts prove higher than can and may be charged to a tenant. The Brick Club is not liable for damage that occurs as a result of actions by the tenant to adjust the rent.

    3. If a living space is rented with an initial rental price above the rent price liberalization limit, a rent price indexation clause will be included in the lease to be concluded, on the basis of which the rent will be increased annually by inflation. The client must take into account that the tenant is entitled to rental price protection. The Brick Club excludes any liability to the client for the consequences of a successful reliance on rental price protection, including an assessment of the initial rental price, by the tenant.

    4. The Brick Club is not liable for damage caused to the home by the tenant and / or the persons for whom he is responsible.

    5. The Brick Club is not liable for damage that was not noticed by us during a check-in or check-out. JLG urges you to check the property yourself before returning the security deposit to the tenant.

    6. The Brick Club is not liable if the client is held liable for any reason by a competent authority and / or third parties for renting out the object without permission.