We will find you the perfect tenant for free and manage your property professionally.

About The Brick Club

After working for more than 10 years at a classic rental agency in Amsterdam we realized that the world of renting apartments is stuck for ages. It’s no surprise we experienced that landlords and tenants are trying to find other solutions. The cost, the limited service, the hit and run real estate agent, it’s a model that just isn’t future proof.

Meet The Brick Club. A new idea designed to shake up the way renting works. We want to create a simple, intuitive and fairly priced experience that’s powered by new ideas, future proof and supported by technology to keep the cost low.

Mixing data and years of experience, we have a deep understanding of what renters want and landlords need. We know the world of renting can be tough – boilers do break down at weekends, but it’s our job to fix things quickly, fairly priced and with a smile on our face. We believe it should be possible to combine a great service experience with low-cost for everybody involved.

We understand what it’s like to be a tenant and a landlord. Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not on opposite sides, but in fact united by their love of the same thing. It goes beyond bricks and mortar – it’s about finding and making a home where you can live with a smile on your face.

It’s in our nature to question. How can we do things differently? How can we help? How can we do better? And we intend to keep questioning, so we can make The Brick Club the best way to rent and manage property. Our ultimate goal is a long-lasting relationship with all parties involved.

The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic
The Brick Club infographic

Meet b'Ricky


Meet b’Ricky. Our most loyal and dedicated agent who soles purpose is to give you the service you deserve. He is specialized in the four trades necessary for a successful renting process.

b’Ricky the agent will help you find the best suitable tenants by marketing your property with professional photos and a clear description. If needed he will also make a walkthrough video to attract the right tenants.

b’Ricky the legal specialist will draft a up-to-date rental agreement to protect you as a landlord where possible by Dutch law. The rental agreement will be fair for all parties involved.

b’Ricky the handyman will help you fix issues brought up by the landlord and tenant to make sure the property is in a perfect condition to keep the tenants happy and the revenues high for the landlord.

b’Ricky the accountant will help you collect the rent, pay the outstanding maintenance bills, arrange the utilities. If needed he will start the debt collecting process when a tenant is behind on his payments.

Our two options

The Brick Club Premium

Most popular
89 Monthly incl. VAT
  • Rental valuation on location
  • Professional photos and description
  • Full listing on Funda and Pararius as long as it takes
  • Extensive search for the right tenant
  • Viewings guided by our agents
  • Credit and social check of tenant
  • Fully drafted rental agreements
  • Professional inspection including photo report
  • Rent collection
  • Repair management incl emergency hotline.
  • Routine inspections
  • Online dashboard

The Brick Club Lite

Rent out your real estate yourself
99 One off fee incl. VAT
  • Online rental valuation based on the provided info
  • Full listing on Funda and Pararius for 3 months, based on your provided information.
  • Templates rental agreement
  • Templates key handover