FAQ Landlords

The Brick Club is focusing on the care-free rental experience for a landlord. We do the work of a regular letting agent and more for a fixed low monthly rate. You only pay for the property management. Our goal is a long term relationship.

No! The Brick Club charges only a monthly fee for the entire service of tenant find and property management. 

If the property is still available for rent, we will initiate a new free tenant find so that the apartment can be rented again.

We work with the rental agreement the owner prefers. By Dutch law there are three options: Indefinite term, Maximum term and the “Tussenhuur” lease. We will look at your situation and wishes so that we can give you the best advice on which lease to use.

Yes, but not the full amount of course. We believe that we can only charge the full monthly fee when you as a landlord is receiving the rent. Inbetween tenants we charge only € 12,10 incl. 21% VAT per month.

Yes, you can cancel our service after 12 months with a one month notice but be aware that you lose you option for a new free tenant find.

We mostly work for private real estate owner with 1-10 objects the rent out. 

We mostly work with expats but also Dutch tenants rent  via The Brick Club. We try to provide the tenants the owners prefer where possible. We do believe everybody deserves a nice home. 

In the end both is an option. What we know from the market is that objects with furniture rent out quicker but shorter and unfurnished objects take longer to rent out but the tenants stay longer. We can calculate your best option so contact us!

The Brick Club prefers to work exclusive for its clients since we manage your real estate also during vacancy. We cannot control the actions of the other agent and therefor we want to avoid any liability issues. 

Only the you can decide if something needs to be repaired or replaced. We only advise on what to do and arrange the repair when we get to OK from you. We do not spend any money without your permission.

No we are not a buying agent. However, we can give you advise on a potential rental price so feel free to contact us when you are in the process of buying real estate to rent out.