Renting out furnished or unfurnished. What works best?

When it comes to renting out a property there are quite a few options. What will be the rental price? What are the conditions of the rental agreement and is the apartment unfurnished, semi-furnished or furnished? In this article we zoom in on this last question.

Rent out unfurnished
An unfurnished house is the most basic form of renting (out). This is a property which is rented out completely empty to tenants. The house only has a concrete floor and unpainted walls, which means that the tenants have to get to work on the floor, walls and the ceiling. Therefore the house is not semi-furnished or furnished which gives the tenants the option to design it to their own taste.

Rent out semi-furnished
Semi-furnished renting or renting out involves properties that already have a certain basis. For example, the floor is already there, just like the kitchen, lightning and there are curtains hanging in front of the windows. Often a washing machine is also included with semi-furnished houses. The new tenants only need to bring their own furniture and personal items.

Rent out furnished
A house that is furnished is the most extensive option. Such a house is semi-furnished and equipped with furniture. In this case there is not only a kitchen, bathroom and toilet, but there are also towels in the drawers, there is a bed with bed linen and there is cutlery in the kitchen. A tenant only needs to bring his suitcase with toilet supplies and clothes. Of course, the type of furniture is different for each home, but the basis will certainly be there. 

What do you choose?

Rental price and target group

The choice for renting out an unfurnished, semi-furnished or furnished apartment depends on the kind of tenant and the renting price you would like to ask.

  • Out of all the three options, the rental price for an unfurnished house is the lowest, because in this case the tenant still has to do a lot of work. Since a lot still has to be done to the house, this option is more suitable for tenants who would like to rent for the long term.

  • Semi-furnished renting appeals to a large target group, because the new tenants only need to bring their own furniture with them and can move in right away. This also means that a higher rental price can be asked than with an unfurnished house.

  • Furnished renting out is the option for which the highest rent can be asked. This way of renting is especially interesting for international students and expats, because they stay in the Netherlands for a short period. Often this also involves a rental agreement for a short period.

Most extensive option

A furnished house is not only the most extensive option for the tenant, but also for the landlord. Are you planning to rent out a furnished property? Then of course you will need to decorate the house. Keep your ideal tenant in mind and design the layout accordingly.      

In general, a modern and neutral design appeals to most people. In this case the tenants have all the luxury amenities, but they can make the house more personal with their own things. So, no matter how beautiful you might think your pink sofa and lilac curtains are, maybe you should go for something more neutral.

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